PhotoBee, a small portable thermic sublimation printer
The PhotoBee attacks Instax and other ZINK printers with its nomad format, striving to stand out on a point that is dear to us all: print quality.
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PhotoBee, the mini portable printer by lecloset
While today's photos are massively stored in mobile devices or on social networks, PhotoBee, the revolutionary portable mini-printer, allows to sublimate and make palpable all its shots in only 45 seconds.
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PhotoBee: we tried ... so, new mini photo printer reference for smartphone?
The Photobee printer is positioned on the congested area of smartphone pocket printers.
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PhotoBee: to print (easily) his photos from his smartphone
The promise of PhotoBee: to sublimate and make palpable all the photos taken with your smartphone, in only 45 seconds. Explanations.
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PhotoBee: Why this nomad printer will put its rivals K.O.
Faced with the boom of instant-development cameras, instant printers are also developing. Smile: the new PhotoBee could be the best of all ...
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Photobee: a smartphone printer
The printer offering for smartphones is expanding with the PhooBee. The device manufactured by CIAAT, a South Korean company - among others - specializing in photo papers for passports, would print an image in as little as 45 seconds.
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PhotoBee: the pocket photo printer for smartphones
Here is PhotoBee, a new compact photo printer that promises to make palpable the most beautiful photos stored in your smartphone, all without any cable obviously.
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